ECS Announces New President

Engineering Consulting Services (ECS) is pleased to announce Tony Fiorillo has been promoted to President of the ECS Group of Companies effective as of April 15, 2020.

Previous president, Henry Lucas will be the CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors for the remainder of 2020 and Chairman of the Board of Directors through 2022.

“Henry has been a tremendous mentor to all of us and for that reason I am confident in a bright and prosperous future,” says Mr. Fiorillo. “We will continue expansion across the United States, service line growth and most importantly, we continue to take care of our people.”

Tony Fiorillo began his career at ECS as a Field Technician in 1993 and most recently served as Chief Operating Officer. In his new role, he will work with the Board of Directors and subsidiary executives to establish short and long-term goals, strategies and ensure that operational goals are met. Mr. Fiorillo received his Master in Business Administration from George Mason University, Masters of Civil Engineering from University of Florida and Bachelors of Civil Engineering from Auburn University.

Henry Lucas co-founded ECS in 1988 by taking loans secured with personal assets. Mr. Lucas believed in a company that would attract and hire top talent, reward them for their success, and not suffer from cash flow problems attributed to poor management. He believed the company could grow to approximately 300 people. Through his tremendous leadership, ECS is now nearly 2,000 employees strong.