Mold Training

We are an EPA accredited training provider of mold training courses. Tailored courses and schedules to fit your employees’ needs are available. All courses are approved by the appropriate state and federal regulatory agencies. A complete listing of mold training courses we offer can be seen below.

Mold Assessment Course
This course discusses state regulations, industry best practices for inspection and remediation, identification of moisture sources and remediation design. The course also covers health effects and occupant relations. The fee includes all training materials.

  • 16-Hour Course

Mold Remediation Course
The course is for workers of mold remediation projects performed in Virginia. It is also ideal training for general contractors, facility owners and consultants who need to know the details and principles of mold remediation. The Worker course covers federal/state guidelines, industry best practices, causes of mold, eliminating the primary cause of moisture and correcting existing mold contaminations. The course will also cover levels of contamination, including scope of work performance criteria. The class lectures are supplemented with hands-on activities, including mold remediation site setup, mold removal methods, cleaning techniques, drying methodologies and job acceptance criteria. (English or Spanish)

  • 16-Hour Course

Mold Awareness Course
This training session covers the basics of mold abatement, health protection and exposure requirements and other relevant concerns. This course is particularly relevant to contractors, painters, industrial hygienists and environmental consultants who work around or with mold contaminated areas. (English or Spanish)

  • 2-Hour Course

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)
Course is available for Continuing Education Credits. Call for details.

  • 3-Hour Attorneys Class
  • 8-Hour Professionals Class

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have regarding asbestos, lead or mold training.