ECS GRIT Awards Winners

ECS GRIT Awards logo with "grit" in blue text and a boot print standing in for the "I" followed by "we have what it takes" in yellow font

From trekking knee deep through swamplands to rappelling off of buildings, we are problem solvers who approach obstacles with a fearless attitude. ECS team members are people who exhibit Guts, Resilience, Initiative and Tenacity; or as we say at ECS, GRIT.

ECS’ GRIT Awards is an internal recognition program to acknowledge individuals who have gone above and beyond and embody our core values of collaborate, focus and lead.

A key recruiting and retention program, GRIT is how we showcase our company culture and demonstrate to job seekers the qualities of people who are successful at ECS. GRIT is something our internal employees are excited to identify with and aim for—being nominated for a GRIT Award is an achievement in and of itself. Being selected to win is a career landmark.

Employees are encouraged to nominate their colleagues and peers and nominations are reviewed by a selection committee of ECS leadership and management. Winners are honored and celebrated at the annual ECS Managers’ Meeting.

Meet Our Winners


Overall: Adam Ward

Collaborate: Christine Heaton + Colton Dishman

Focus: Lakshmi Narayana Bolla

Lead: Shannon Priester


Overall: John Bruce

Collaborate: Heather Harrington

Focus: Kayla Markofski

Lead: Dakota Skutka


First: Jeff Cook

Second: Alyssa Harrington

Third: Tyler Olfers


First: Larry Walters

Second: Antonio Giordano

Third: Lewis Johnson, Jr.


First: Nemanja “Z” Zivadinovic

Second: Allison Pursley

Third: Bob Cross


First: Melissa Thackeray

Second: David Lyon

Third: John Farmer


Winner: Gerardo TellezCisneros