2018 GRIT Award Winner Gerardo TellezCisneros

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ECS Aberdeen employee Gerardo (Gerry) Tellez Cisneros was recently selected as our 2018 GRIT Award winner. Gerry’s story is one that truly reminds us that overcoming challenges and never letting anything keep you from goals can lead to professional success and personal satisfaction.

How Did You Come to ECS?

“I answered a newspaper ad in Aberdeen, MD. I came in and talked to Irv Fischer, who hired me. I started as a technician. After couple weeks working in the Aberdeen Office, they asked me to work in the soils and concrete laboratory as a manager in order to maintain AASHTO laboratory licenses and certifications. I became a specialty technician, and I was training new technicians. So I moved into a project manager position.”

What Motivates You to Push so Hard for Success?

“I love to learn, and I love to share my experience. I have a drive to be successful, and to apply the knowledge I’ve learned. I am in competition with myself – it’s not about the money. I’m also really blessed – my wife and I are partners. She supports everything I do.”


What Advice Would You Give to Someone Just Coming into the Industry?

“Be persistent! Fight for where you want to be. School makes you think you’re ready to work, but you are wrong. Never stop learning!”

Any Last Thoughts?

“Every morning I say to myself, ‘I’m ready!’”