Jordan Patterson Earns EIT Designation

ECS is pleased to announce that Jordan Patterson has obtained his engineer-in-training (EIT) designation. Jordan is currently a geotechnical staff project manager in our Roanoke, VA, office.

Having an EIT designation demonstrates an understanding of fundamental engineering (FE) principles. Certification candidates must pass the FE exam which consists of 110 questions comprised of topics including structural design, fluid mechanics, transportation engineering, engineering economics and surveying. After a candidate has passed the FE exam, they must work in their designated field for four years under a professional engineer’s (PE) supervision to qualify for the PE exam.

Jordan says, “This certification shows ECS clients that I have a proven, solid foundation of knowledge and skills. Clients can have confidence that EIT-certified engineers possess the necessary skills to contribute effectively to their projects, leading to enhanced project quality and ultimately, greater client satisfaction. Additionally, the certification demonstrates a commitment to professional development and ethical standards, instilling trust in clients regarding ECS’ dedication to delivering safe and reliable engineering solutions.”

Jordan was not alone during his time studying and training. With Brandon Quinn, PE, and Bryan Wyatt, PE, by his side mentoring and guiding him, Jordan was well supported during this period of learning.

When asked what obtaining this certification means, Jordan has this to say: “Obtaining this certification was like a second college graduation for me. It was a huge weight off my shoulders and will allow me to look forward to taking my PE exam now. Becoming a PE has always been a career goal of mine.”

Assistant Office Manager Dustin Schleifer with ECS Roanoke said this about Jordan’s EIT achievement: “We appreciate all the hard work Jordan has put into continuing his education and working on his pathway towards his PE license, all while diligently managing his daily workload. He has truly used some of that ECS Grit to set the standard of service.”