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ECS stands out among engineering companies in Roanoke through our team-based, innovative approaches. We work to design or identify viable, practical and cost-effective solutions for complex projects. As a result of our engineering consulting services, we help property developers and owners keep their projects moving forward and stay within their budgets.

Since our 1988 founding, we have grown to over 2,500 employee-owners in more than 80 offices. We have a diverse team of professionals with expertise in numerous disciplines to provide project support at any development phase. The decades of collective experience we boast gives us a vast knowledge base to draw on for successful outcomes.

Engineering Service Expertise From ECS

Our award-winning team offers end-to-end project consulting at each phase, from concept to post-construction advice.


Underlying soils differ greatly between sites and even across them. Understanding what lies beneath the surface is crucial to a sound foundation and ongoing structural integrity.

At ECS, you work with a team knowledgeable in geotechnical engineering in Roanoke. We have the geology and physics skills to identify and evaluate the risks accurately. Our in-depth analysis supplies the insights you need for better decision-making or remediation strategy development. Services we offer in this discipline include:

Construction Materials Testing

A project’s ultimate success or failure substantially depends on its materials’ quality and adequacy to meet the design’s demands. Construction materials testing (CMT) is a proactive measure for confirming these characteristics before a project starts. Doing so helps you avoid costly future remediation, reconstruction and delays. Testing can also occur on existing buildings to promote safer use or pinpoint issues that need attention.

ECS’ specialists can help you achieve peace of mind about your materials with a broad range of CMT solutions, like:


Each construction project comes with an environmental cost and falls under the governance of the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) regulations.

Our skilled team can help you follow the laws and limit ecological disruption. As part of our environmental consulting in Roanoke, we provide advice for protecting the nearby flora and fauna and contributing to sustainability. Our expertise in this discipline extends to:

We can also provide an analysis of indoor air quality and recommendations for improving it. Our testing scope includes contaminants like mold, lead, asbestos and more.


ECS supports property owners and managers across a building’s use cycle with professional facilities consulting in Roanoke. Our services help with new and existing construction. We will evaluate your structure’s safety, enhance its compliance and prepare it for a long-lasting life span. Partner with us for guidance on:

ECS in Roanoke Is Your Go-To for Engineering Consulting

When you need the perspectives that only in-depth experience can offer, we are ready to help. We have partnered with businesses across many industries and at any development stage. Our team provides exceptional service and personalized guidance on each project we support. You can expect detailed, timely communication and the latest technology to discover and remediate potential construction risks. We are also active crusaders for safety and dedicated to sharing what we know.

Let us help contribute to your next Roanoke-area project’s success — contact us to discuss your needs or request a free service quote today.