ECS Mid-Atlantic Environmental Adds New Project Manager

We are pleased to announce Vance Nepomuceno has joined ECS as a Project Manager with our Environmental group in our Richmond, VA office. Vance specializes in endangered species surveys and studies and population dynamics and modeling, which concerns species with low detection rates. His experience includes 12 years in the industry, while obtaining seven years of endangered bat survey experience, one year of experience with assessments concerning the endangered bog turtle and four years of freshwater mussel experience.

As a Project Manager of environmental services, Vance will be responsible for stimulating growth of ECS’s environmental department by identifying new opportunities in the region and help develop the wildlife team within the Environmental Department at ECS. Vance is responsible for acting as the lead resource in implementing ECS’ bat survey program and leading teams for both acoustic and mist net bat surveys.

Endangered bat surveys will help clients navigate laws put into place to abide by the Endangered Species Act. In most cases, Vance will work with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service as well as Virginia’s Department of Wildlife Resources to plan and work alongside federal and state agencies for approval to run these surveys so that projects can start tree clearing on schedule.

When asked about the opportunity with ECS, Vance said “I am eager to promote progress on projects while protecting finite natural resources and the environment.”

Born and raised in Hanover County, VA, Vance attended Virginia Tech where he received his bachelor’s in Wildlife Science and is finishing his master’s degree from Virginia Tech in Fisheries and Wildlife Science as well. In his free time, you can find Vance fly fishing, playing disc golf, participating in bar trivia, or even blacksmithing