ECS Austin Announces New Assistant Office Manager

ECS is excited to announce that Tyler Olfers has been promoted to Assistant Office Manager in Austin, Texas. Tyler has been with ECS since 2015 and has held many positions including Senior Lab Technician, Laboratory Supervisory, Laboratory Manager, Field Services Manager, and Construction Materials Testing Department Manager. His previous position has been filled by James Dedrick, PE.

Tyler’s new role will involve co-leading the continued growth and development of the Austin office and setting up the new San Marcos satellite office. “This opportunity is an honor and a great personal accomplishment in itself,” said Tyler. “I look forward to San Marcos skyrocketing as the fulcrum between the Austin-San Antonio corridor development.”

Tyler’s biggest accomplishment along the way has been helping develop the Austin technician and project management staff who have their sights set on succeeding collectively. As ECS continues to develop and grow, Tyler is excited about the new opportunities that are in store locally, regionally, and across the ever-growing ECS footprint.