ECS Announces New Facilities Project Manager

Facilities manager

We are pleased to announce Denis James Columbare Jr. has joined ECS as a Facilities Project Manager and he will also be leading and managing the new specialized testing lab at our Pittsburgh, PA office. Denis brings over 22 years of experience to ECS and in that time not only has he developed proficiency in Property Condition Assessments (PCAs) but he has developed a multifaceted niche specialty skill set that will be of great value to the team.

As a Facilities Associate II and a specialized testing lab manager, Denis will perform work that includes, but is not limited to, PCAs, preconstruction surveys, and anchor and rebar load testing. Starting this August, his lab will also be able to conduct weatherization testing of building materials and consumer products, Department of Transportation (DOT) hazardous materials (HAZMAT) package certifications, flow testing verification, internal pressure testing, bond testing, life cycle testing of consumer products and vacuum chamber/pressure differential testing. There are current plans to introduce even more specialized testing capabilities within Denis’s skillset that will greatly benefit and complement the initial testing capabilities for clients such as consumer or building material product manufacturers, contractors/building developers, and personal protective equipment (PPE) manufacturers (to certify safety eyewear, footwear, and hard hats).

Denis says, “This opportunity is going to allow me to use my vast skill set and experience level I have gained over the years to their fullest potential, and it excites me that I will be able to contribute to a company that genuinely cares about me. ECS has invested in me both literally and figuratively and that excites me for what the future here holds.”

Originally from Malden, MA, a city 10 minutes outside of downtown Boston, Denis attended Triangle Technical Institute and then Point Park University in Pittsburgh where he received an associate degree as well as took extra relevant course work.