Adams Joins Natural Resources Group

The ECS Group of Companies (ECS) is pleased to announce that Jason Adams, MSc, has joined the Natural Resources Group in Florida.

Mr. Adams has more than 25 years of experience in environmental and natural resources consulting in Florida. He joins ECS as a strategic leader for ECS Florida’s Natural Resources Group. Jason has a passion for providing consulting and permitting value to individuals, professional design firms, developers, and federal and state agencies to address intricate environmental rules and regulations set by local, state and federal governments. He is recognized regionally as a highly proficient permitting agent and problem solver. While Jason’s experience is rich with wetlands and species assessment, delineation, and mitigation work, one of his specialties relates to execution of complicated coastal and marine construction permitting.

“Jason’s strength is his understanding of the development process and how to provide valuable consultation for our clients who need innovative, flexible and timely options to bridge the gap between regulatory compliance and development,” said Cliff Hendrickson, ECS Florida’s Director of Environmental Services.

Mr. Adams holds a B.S. in Marine Science as well as a Masters in Wetlands Functional Ecology from the Jacksonville State University.