ECS Spotlights Our Military Veteran Employees – Michael Rayl

Senior Project Engineer Michael Rayl joined ECS in 2009. A geotechnical engineer by trade, he has specialized experience with bridge systems, slope stability, pavement and roadways as part of ECS’ Special Projects Group.  

Like our other 80 veteran employees, Rayl’s career began in the U.S military. Unlike most, he served in two separate branches. He spent six years in the U.S. Air Force calibrating and repairing electronics to sustain flight operations, then attended college. While in college, he spent two years in the Army Reserves, serving as a supply specialist.

Rayl developed an affinity for engineering while he was in college. As his education progressed, his passion for service and developing systems-oriented solutions that began while he was in the military drew him toward civil engineering. The diversity of the field that encompasses critical infrastructure –transportation, water/wastewater, structures, and geotechnical – fit his mission-oriented interests and values. As a senior at Virginia Tech, he found a home in geotechnical engineering – doing “boots-on-the-ground” work.

What common features have enabled you to be successful both in the military and at ECS?

Rayl commented, “ECS and the military have several characteristics in common. Self-discipline and structure are prerequisites for success in both places. Like the military, ECS values mentorship and fosters an esprit de corps. Our teams complete projects by achieving high-quality, safety and efficiency standards.” Rayl continued, “At ECS, I can bring the values of lifelong learning, continuous improvement and collaborative problem solving that were instilled in me in the military. 

“The military and ECS are also similar in that they’ve given me opportunities to travel, work in new places and  diverse communities. I love that I can get out from behind my desk and get into a project in the middle of DC, or in the beautiful Virginia and Maryland countryside. My experiences with both the military and ECS opened up the world to me and endowed me with hard and soft skills to grow as a professional. I am grateful for all the lessons learned that I can use to serve my clients.”