ECS’ 30th Anniversary: Why ECS?

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As part of our celebration of ECS’ 30th Anniversary, we asked long-term ECS employees: “Why ECS?” Here is what they had to say:

“I never thought that I’d work for the same company since 1988! It’s the people, opportunities and challenges associated with a growing company that has kept me around. I never wanted, or needed, to consider working anywhere else.”  -Jim

“I’m inspired by the engineer that cares what’s going out the door and refuses to settle for mediocrity.” –Rick

 “My inspiration at ECS comes from the technicians/scientists that are out in the field every day doing the ‘dirty work.’ They are the back-bone of this organization.” –Jim

“I would describe ECS in one word – opportunity. Come to work every day, work hard and have a good attitude and you will find that there are an infinite number of career options at ECS. The challenge is just picking one.”  -Jason

“From working at ECS, I have refined my skills throughout various experiences in the professional arena here at ECS and they have made me become a better employee overall.”  -Jill

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“ECS has shown that it recognizes and provides leadership opportunities for those who have initiative and take advantage of those opportunities.”  -John