Jeff Yates, PE, Joins ECS As Geotechnical Department Manager

We are pleased to announce that Jeff Yates, PE, joined ECS as a geotechnical department manager in our Moorestown, NJ, office. With 15 years of experience, Jeff has an extensive background in geotechnical consultations in both the public and private sectors.

In this role, Jeff will stimulate the growth of ECS’ geotechnical department by identifying new opportunities in the region, leading geotechnical engineers and project managers, overseeing geotechnical and field services projects, preparing and reviewing reports, preparing proposals for geotechnical engineering services and assisting senior staff with maintaining client contact.

When asked about the opportunity with ECS, Jeff said, “This opportunity means a lot to me because it will give me a chance to lead and mentor in a way that I feel was or would have been helpful to me when I was a young engineer. This opportunity also means that I can build a team of my own to help further the mission of ECS.”

Born and raised in Washington Township, NJ, Jeff received his master’s and two bachelor’s degrees in civil engineering and architectural engineering from Drexel University. In his free time, you can find Jeff traveling, playing the drums, watching football and baseball, weightlifting or spending time with family.