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Choosing the right partner among engineering companies in Neenah requires careful consideration. At ECS, our mission is to be the chosen provider for geotechnical and environmental engineering, construction materials testing and facilities consulting.

We began as a one-office operation in 1988 and have grown significantly, with over 2,500 employee-owners and more than 80 offices today. We have done that by investing in diversity, emphasizing safety and using a collaborative approach backed by innovative thinking. Our willingness to look at things from different perspectives leads to creating money-saving, practical solutions to complex construction challenges.

Our Engineering Support Services

ECS’ Neenah team helps commercial property owners, managers and developers at any project stage. Our expertise spans the construction life cycle, from initial design to the built environment.

Environmental Engineering

Construction projects carry more than a financial cost — they also have an environmental one. Protecting the nearby people and ecology is responsible and vital to complying with federal, state and local regulations.

Our team can help you follow the laws with professional environmental consulting in Neenah. Our services in this discipline include:

We also provide indoor environmental assessments, including indoor air quality testing and contaminant analysis for lead and asbestos.

Facilities Consulting

Once you decide to invest in a construction project, you want the asset to perform at its peak. Our facilities consulting services in Neenah can help you achieve that goal, whether it is a new structure or one that has been in use for several years.

We offer a broad range of expertise in this discipline that can promote legal compliance, enhance safety and extend your building’s life span. Our services include:


A well-developed design is merely the first step in the process. Before breaking ground on your project, it is crucial to understand the composition of what lies beneath the surface. Soil characteristics vary significantly and impact your project’s outcome.

Partner with ECS for geotechnical engineering in Neenah to get the insights you need. Our specialized team uses sophisticated technology and principles of physics and geology to assess subsurface health so you can make adjustments at the project onset.

Among the geotechnical engineering services we provide are:

Construction Materials Testing

The materials you use in your project significantly influence its success potential. These materials must be ready to perform accurately and meet expectations for adequacy and quality.

ECS can help you assess their preparedness for the demands with specialized construction materials testing (CMT). Early investment in CMT can help limit the possibility of costlier fixes and project delays as work progresses. We proudly offer a range of CMT services, including:

Partner With ECS for Engineering Consulting in Neenah

ECS did not become an award winner among engineering companies in Neenah by accident. We did it by focusing on cutting-edge technology, diverse industry expertise and a dedication to finding practical solutions. Our team goes beyond standard approaches to find and create inventive, cost-effective alternatives to challenging engineering issues.

We collaborate with companies in many industries to complete projects successfully and are ready to do the same for you. Request a personalized quote or contact us to discuss your needs.