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Fast Facts 

Q: How can I learn about open positions at ECS?
A: Visit the career center on the ECS website where you can view current job openings and apply for positions online. Positions seen on external websites often contain outdated information - we encourage you to check our current opportunities page to see if the position you are interested in is still open.

Q: Is there a job search agent on the ECS career center? What does it do?
A: When you initially apply for a position at ECS, on the candidate profile page, there is a box to check if you would like to receive emails about new postings that match key words on your resume. We suggest you check this box.

Q: Where do I send my resume?
A: Submit your resume online as part of your application for a specific position posted on the ECS career center. To comply with government requirements, ECS only accepts resumes submitted online for a specific open job requisition.

Q: What format of resume do you accept?
A: Word [.doc] formatted resumes are preferred. Our applicant tracking system [ATS] also accepts Excel documents. While .pdf’s are sometimes accepted by the [ATS], they often do not translate well and we suggest you do not submit documents in this format.

Q: Can I apply for a position in an ECS office?
A: Submit your resume online as part of your application for a specific position posted on the ECS career center. To comply with government requirements, ECS only accepts resumes submitted online for a specific open job requisition.

Q: If I apply for one position will I be considered for other opportunities?
A: No. To comply with government regulations ECS will only evaluate your credentials for the position to which you applied.

Q: What happens to my resume once I submit it online through the ECS career center?
A: Your resume enters our applicant tracking system [ATS] and is reviewed by an ECS recruiter. Resumes are then evaluated and top candidates are contacted.

Q: How long will my resume be active and how long will you keep it?
A: Resumes submitted through the ECS career center are kept on file for at least two years. It is up to you to keep your contact information current.

Q: Will I be contacted by ECS when I apply for a position?
A: After an initial screening of your resume, candidates who are selected for further consideration will be contacted by our recruiting staff or a hiring manager. Whenever possible, ECS notifies candidates of their hiring status.

Q: Can I check the status of my application online?
A: Candidates can check the status of their application by logging into the ECS career center.

Q: If I am a returning user and forgot my login name and password how do I retrieve them?
A: Click on the Retrieve Password link on the ECS career center. The applicant tracking system [ATS] will ask for your email address and send you an email with updated login information.

Q: Are assessments used in the ECS candidate evaluation process?
A: We use assessments for candidates at the project manager level and above. They allow us to better understand your motivation, thinking style and behavioral traits.

Q: Are professional references checked? What about drug screening, criminal background checks and driver's license verification?
A: Professional references are checked by ECS. We may also validate your educational history and licenses/certifications. Pre-hire drug screening is required. Random and post-incidence drug testing are also required. If you will be driving an ECS vehicle or using your own vehicle for business purposes, driver’s license verification and a review of your driving record is required. Criminal background checks are required for persons with financial responsibility.

Q: Can I apply via social media networks to open positions at ECS?
A: Yes; in fact you are encouraged to connect your LinkedIn account to your profile. This way, if you do not update your contact information on your individual profile in the ECS applicant tracking system and you change jobs or home address, we can contact you through a social media network.

Q: What colleges and universities does ECS visit?
A: Throughout the year we will post a career fair schedule listing schools we plan to visit on our university programs page.

Q: What training will I receive at ECS?
A: ECS provides on-the-job training, lunch-and-learn sessions, as well as mentoring by senior professionals. Outside training classes and training workshops may be taken as well.

Q: Is ECS supportive of professional certifications and professional licensing?
A: Yes, this sets us apart from so many other firms. In fact, we have an internal policy that requires our field technicians to maintain minimal certification levels.

Q: Once employed by ECS, can I transfer from one office to another?
A: Yes; individuals often transfer between our offices as long as there is a need and you possess the skill set and qualifications required. We require you to remain in your current position for at least six months before being considered for a transfer.

Q: Does ECS use external, third-party recruiters to support its hiring needs?
A: At times, but external recruiters must be pre-approved by the Director of Talent Acquisition and agree to our terms before submitting a resume for consideration.