Why Our Team Members Think ECS is Great

In honor of our anniversary on the 15th or as we call it Groundbreaking Day, we wanted to share what our employees think makes ECS great.

“It’s no accident that ECS is a star when it comes to engineering firms. ECS has had GRIT since 1988 and continues to strive towards our goal of providing our clients with respect, convenience, and trust. ECS has provided me with a career for 18 years that enables me to take care of my family and have no worries and that is why ECS is number 1 in my book.”

“Our stellar staff makes ECS #1. With such a diverse team of skilled and knowledgeable individuals working together, there is no way we can’t succeed.”

“I have been with ECS for 7 weeks and the common thread I have found is the passion everyone has for their jobs. I mean everyone from a field tech, area manager, vice-president and administrative staff. ECS should be proud that they have amassed employees who truly love what they and do and who they work for. It is rare to find this type of dedication in employees and I feel I am blessed to have been hired by ECS. I look forward to the many years ahead.”

“That’s an easy question. It’s the people and great leadership as well as a corporate office/staff that is so accessible and are truly one of us! How many people can pick up the phone and the call the president of their company — we can!”

“It’s people – with the ‘can do’ attitude and spirit of collaboration.”

“ECS is #1 quite simply because of its people. When you get a team put together that ‘gets it,’ everyone starts working together off each other’s strengths and gets the work done. It is all about the grit and determination of everyone from the technician on the ground to the engineer or administrative staff in the office never stopping to keep the wheels turning, exceeding client expectations and delivering on what we say we will do.”

“The professional vulnerability of my peers and leadership in the company. The humility to be willing to teach necessary industry skills and methods to those who are untrained and new! It is always easier to do it yourself, but we always want to put in the extra effort.”

“ECS is number one for its teamwork. Whether it’s working between departments in one office or working with people around the company we get the job done by using our collective knowledge, skills, and experience for our clients.”

“Growth potential. No matter what your position or title is at ECS, you are given the room to find your place within the company.  I’ve been countless projects, mentors, and resources to level up my career in the direction that I desire.”

“There are so many opportunities for internal growth, so people work harder knowing they can help grow their careers while they help grow the company.”

“I love the company for the trainings, brainier to start. I think it is awesome the president of the company can come and sit in my office and interact with us and teach us and not act superior. It is great I can pick up the phone and talk to someone when I have a question anywhere not just my office.”

“Our people and culture make us the best. From the President to a new hire, we have a winning culture.”

“The ability to not dwell on the past, learn from it but not dwell on it, and look to the future.”

“Our responsiveness to client needs combined with the broad range of expertise within our company are what set us apart. From due diligence, site selection, and design, through construction and ultimately asset management, there are few steps in the life cycle of a project where we cannot add value through our environmental, geotechnical, construction testing, code compliance, building envelope and condition assessment services. The depth of our staff in each service line makes us hyper-responsive to client needs and schedule demands.”

“Our people are passionate and industry-leading professionals that showcase grit daily.”

“Consistent commitment to client engagement, commitment to continued employee training and commitment to employee safety.”

“Communication. On a personal level, I have not always been the best communicator. Ever since I’ve started working with ECS, I’ve learned that communication is key. Whether it is a client, general contractor, etc. it is crucial to relay good, bad, and/or indifferent information and it goes a long way.”

“Being new to ECS, what makes them #1 is the willingness to go the extra mile to take care of our customers. I think that goes a long way with them.”

“ECS has a solid reputation built on quality of work and consistency. Our clients know they can call and get an answer, that ECS works as a team so they have more than one option for their needs. Also providing one-stop shopping is a bonus.”

We think the short and sweet response of “our people” captures it well!