Third Party Plan Review Services

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Project plan reviews have traditionally been conducted by whichever local authority holds jurisdiction. However, shrinking municipal budgets and staff resources have created the need for professional third-party plan review services. These services can be particularly valuable for large urban construction projects, complex design-build projects, commercial and retail facilities, educational campuses, and healthcare facilities.

It is helpful to know in advance if your project site is located in a city or other municipality that allows third party plan review services. In addition to the schedule advantages using these services can provide, the plan review firm can also provide information on the constructability of your project. Do my plans meet code requirements? Knowing this information well before construction is scheduled to begin is an enormous advantage for the general contractor, owner, and project team.

Benefits of having a Third-Party Plan Review Services include:

· Shortened plan review times result in faster, more efficient permitting

· Identify plan deficiencies

· Provide recommendations and guidance

· Enhance coordination among disciplines

Taking advantage of available third-party plan review services not only helps your design conform to locally adopted codes and standards, it helps ensure that your project incorporates national accessibility requirements best practices.

A reliable third-party plan review firm works with jurisdictional authorities to meet their specific plan review criteria. Reviews typically focus on building elements and systems, including structural components; building architecture and accessibility requirements; fire protection; mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems; Green Building/Energy Conservation; and Elevators or other conveying systems.

For more information about Third-Party Plan Review Services, contact ECS Principal Architect Michael Doyle, AIA.