Springtime Parking Structure Maintenance

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Your parking structure is the first area of the property that visitors see. Now is the time to do a little spring cleaning and help extend the life of your parking structure while keeping it comfortable and attractive for occupants and visitors.

Garage Wash Down – De-icing salts and snow that cars bring in during the winter months are damaging to parking structures. A post-winter wash down to rid the garage of salts, dirt, and other debris will help to prevent concrete deterioration and make the garage a tidier space. As part of your annual wash down, check that drains are clean and functioning properly. Look for and address damages that may have occurred as a result of snow, de-icer and snowplows.

Painting or Re-striping – Spring is a great time for a fresh coat of paint on your structure. Temperatures are ideal for fast drying and damaging elements (such as snowplows and de-icing salts) are months away.

Annual Roof Anchor Inspection or Certification – If you have windows, or are planning other façade maintenance, now is a good time to start preparing your anchorage system.  OSHA now requires a 10-year certification of anchorage points for rope descent and annual visual examination of certified roof anchors. Scheduling this annual process earlier in the spring is an opportunity to get ahead of peak season. Additionally, this visual observation will also provide a chance to look for roof damage caused by winter storms, clogged roof drains and other issues that may have been covered with snow during the past few months.

Parking Lot/ Pavement Maintenance – Like parking structures, parking lots are used hard in the winter. A combination of de-icing salts, freezing water and snow plows can be very damaging to pavement. Take a moment to walk your parking lot to look for damage, and make arrangements to clear storm drains and reseal newly-formed potholes.

A little annual maintenance can go a long way towards preventing future repair costs and extending the life of your structure.

For more information about these and other post-winter maintenance options, contact ECS Facilities.