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We Value Safety

ECS has integrated safety into our culture by developing it as a value, not just a priority. While priorities may change, values do not.

Our STAR program is a behavior-based process in which employees observe coworkers regularly to reinforce good safety practices, as well as identify and correct unsafe practices that might lead to injury.

S: Stop what they are doing
T: Think about the dangers present and safe ways to perform the task
A: Act in a safe manner, and frequently reassess
R: Refine their actions so they can perform the task even more safely next time

Each office has a trained Safety Officer who oversees their STAR Safety program, trains new employees in the STAR process, conducts frequent safety meetings, promotes participation by all employees and performs office and field audits.

“At ECS, safety is more than a priority or culture; it is employees caring for one another so that their families will see them come through the door at the end of the day, just the way they left in the morning—without injury.” – Jim Carpenter, Chief Engineer



In Our Own Words

“I was monitoring a pier job when the drill rig started shaking and shooting out metal bearings. A few made deep gashes in my hard hat, but had I not been wearing my safety gear, I could have been seriously injured. Safety is not an accident and we all want to go home to our family at the end of the day! The bottom line is it's better to lose a minute of your life to prepare for safety than to lose your life in a minute!” – Edward DeLeon

Edward DeLeon has been with ECS since 2003 and is a Senior Field Technician in our Austin, TX office.