ECS Thought Leaders: Liz Newcomb, PE

Liz is not your everyday engineer. While she may be colorfully coiffed, don’t be deceived. Liz earned both her Civil Engineering degrees from the University of Louisville and completed three co-ops over the course of five years before taking time to travel the globe with her husband. With nearly a decade of engineering experience, Liz has worked on a portfolio of projects that are both varied and vital. From the assessing the Louisville Underground to shepherding subsurface explorations for large warehouses to managing materials testing for railroad bridges and everything else in between. As the child of two creatives, it came as a serious shock when she chose a STEM subject career, but Liz believes that the imagination instilled in infancy only enhances her engineering expertise. When she’s not working, Liz is continuously creating anything from paintings to pottery.

Registrations and Certifications

Professional Engineer: KY.

Community Involvement

University of Louisville Civil Engineering Capstone Project Volunteer. Inspiring Girls USA STEM Volunteer.





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