Professional Engineers Day

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To celebrate Professional Engineers Day, hear from a few of our licensed professional engineers about why they decided to become licensed and some of the greatest advice they’ve received. How are you celebrating Professional Engineers Day?


Why did you become a PE?

Short answer: because I was stubborn and rebellious in nature

“My father worked as a concrete contractor with his own company. I watched him work as a child and eventually for him. I fell in love with construction, but was always more interested in design process more than the implementation. 

In 10th grade, I failed a physics test. My teacher explained that I should be something that ‘does not require math.’ Being stubborn and rebellious in nature, I wanted to prove her wrong. I studied hard and was accepted to Drexel University College of Engineering. During school, I worked for general contractors, geotechnical engineers, and structural engineers – but fell in love with geotechnical and structural engineering. More specifically, I found great pleasure in bridge design and construction.

I had the chance to become a PE utilizing the skills and engineering knowledge gleaned from college and work. I had a certain pride as a young man and wanted not only to prove my teacher wrong, but also be able to provide what my father provided for my family. THOMAS


What’s the greatest bit of advice a parent or mentor has given you?

 “As I was applying to college my mother (a middle school teacher) advised me to go for a civil engineering degree as she felt I was ‘good at math and enjoyed building things.’ Turns out mom knew best, as now I get to play with large construction machines in big sand boxes for my job.” VINCE

“A professor in college told me that you don’t have to know all the answers, you just have to know where to go to find the answers.” MATT

“Be humble and open to learning as much as you can about everything. You can always learn something, whether it’s the right or wrong way to do something.” DARIN