Meet Ray. Ray has GRIT.

“The largest contributor to the growth of my career would be personal autonomy that has afforded me the ability to learn from my successes and my mistakes,” or as we like to say, Ray has GRIT.

When did you start with ECS, and in what position?  I started with ECS in 2001 as a CMT Project Manager.

What positions have you held within ECS?

  • CMT Project Manager
  • Field Service Manager 
  • Construction Services Manager
  • Vice President/Branch Manager

What certifications/education did you obtain to help with your career?  I participated in ACEC Future Leaders, ABC Future Leaders, Bullet Proof Manager, ECS Future Leaders and various trade certifications. I also learned a great deal by being a part of the ECS Peer Review Team and Team Leader.

What has been the largest contributor to the growth of your career within ECS?  The guidance and encouragement I have received from management. Personal autonomy has also played a big role in my growth affording me the ability to learn from my successes as well as my mistakes.

What was your biggest struggle along the way? How did you overcome it?  Many may think that being a non-engineer/ Branch Manager would be a struggle for me but frankly, it never has been. I’ve always surrounded myself with really smart people that “know what I don’t.” In all honesty- my greatest struggle over the years by far was dealing with “The Great Recession.” I took every tough decision personally. At ECS, we are more like a family than a corporation so making those hard choices affected me more than I imagined they would.

Please tell us why you have made ECS your company of choice:  Opportunity!!! I have worked for several geotechnical firms and no other company compares. If you have GRIT, the opportunities with ECS are many.