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Collaboration, focus and leadership are key values for the ECS team. We are a leader in engineering consulting for Oklahoma City businesses, and we strive to form lasting connections that ensure our partnerships reach far beyond today’s project.

Our Engineering Service Capabilities

ECS serves multiple industries with geotechnical engineering, construction materials testing, environmental and facilities services. Our team has the qualifications and experience to complete due diligence planning, design, construction, operations and maintenance services for your projects.


Constructing new buildings starts with evaluating the ground, as the soil the structure will sit on is crucial to establishing a solid foundation. ECS provides geotechnical solutions that meet your project’s needs when there are complex ground conditions and design challenges at the site. Our services yield valuable insight into what you will need to create a solid foundation that supports construction.

ECS understands the complex relationship between soil and concrete. Our geotechnical engineering consultants will complete exhaustive fieldwork during the due diligence planning stage, analyzing the site you plan to build on to identify its load capacity, ground and slope stability, groundwater, landslide or sinkhole possibilities, and other factors. This information will ensure that designers know what they are working with when it is time to create the design and complete construction.

Construction Materials Testing

ECS provides construction material testing in OKC to provide construction teams with valuable insight into the materials they are working with and confirm that they are of sufficient quality to use in projects. We test many kinds of components, including roofing, insulation, structural steel, concrete and masonry. Our team will complete tests and reports rapidly to get the results to the construction crew on time, allowing them to move forward with the project or take steps to secure new supplies.


Caring for the environment is a critical aspect of executing a construction project. ECS provides environmental consulting services to help you uncover your project’s potential environmental impact and determine how to complete the job while minimizing harm to the natural surroundings. We will perform a detailed assessment of the area to identify ecological concerns and monitoring requirements the construction team needs to be aware of while on the work site.

As part of our environmental consulting services, you will work with experienced professionals who can support the testing, planning, designing and execution of your environmental efforts for the construction site. We also offer services to guide the team and ensure you remain in compliance with ordinances and permit regulations.


Develop and maintain efficient, functional structures with facilities consulting services from ECS. Our facilities services address the general stages of completing construction projects in OKC, from the planning and design to the building and maintenance phases. Our professionals will guide and support you at every step by reviewing the logistics of the project and helping you confidently move forward with the plans.

ECS facilities services span a construction project’s full life cycle, providing access to resources that contribute to your project’s completion.

Partner With ECS in Oklahoma City for Specialized Engineering Consulting Services

ECS in Oklahoma City is a preferred source for engineering consulting services that cover the entirety of a project. Whether you need consulting services for geotechnical, facilities, environmental or construction material needs, our professionals can help. We have extensive experience consulting with businesses in diverse industries throughout Oklahoma City, providing resources, knowledge and innovative consulting services that promote your success.

Partner with ECS to contract valuable consulting services for your construction projects. We offer support and problem-solving to provide solutions across every phase of your work. Learn more about our services and how we can guide your engineering efforts when you contact us today.