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Engaging the right engineering company in Fort Worth is vital when undertaking a commercial construction project. You need a partner who provides practical advice and value-driven solutions to complex issues to help.

ECS is that partner. We are an employee-owned nationwide engineering firm dedicated to our clients’ project success. Since our beginnings in 1988, we have grown to 2,500 employees strong, building diverse teams that bring innovation and creativity to solving engineering challenges. Our professionals are on a mission to be the engineering firm of choice in the markets we serve.

Engineering and Consulting Services From ECS

ECS is an award-winning partner for a broad range of consulting and engineering services.

Facilities Consulting

Building or buying a structure is an investment for your business. To get a better return, taking steps to protect the asset and extend its life span is crucial.

ECS provides facilities consulting for Fort Worth structures to help you do just that. Our highly skilled engineers offer numerous solutions across a structure’s lifecycle that promote legal compliance, longer use and safer properties. These include options like pre-construction surveys, fall protection design and full-scale load testing.

Geotechnical Engineering

The earth’s soil can host many invisible risks that can significantly affect project success potential. Revealing these subsurface challenges lets you take risk-reducing action faster.

ECS’ geotechnical engineering in Fort Worth is the solution. Our specialists analyze the soil profile with principles from geology and physics to deliver detailed reports and recommendations. You can make more informed decisions with services like geophysical surveys, geotechnical lab testing and natural disaster evaluations.

Environmental Consulting

Construction is disruptive to the nearby area, with noise and heavy equipment that can quickly damage sensitive ecosystems. Protection laws can be complex to navigate and carry substantial penalties for noncompliance.

ECS is prepared to help with environmental consulting in Fort Worth. Our extensive services include advice on Phase I and Phase II environmental site assessments. We can also provide guidance on brownfield redevelopment, supporting your ability to claim tax incentives.

Our team’s expertise extends to indoor challenges as well. ECS technicians regularly conduct air quality tests and deliver post-remediation clearances, among other solutions.

Construction Materials Testing

Construction projects require a significant financial investment. Delays and remediation of inadequate materials can add to those costs.

ECS is committed to helping you keep your project moving along and on budget with our construction materials testing. Our services help identify potential material issues, so you can make adjustments sooner and at less expense. We offer solutions like third-party code compliance assessments, retaining wall observations and testing and liquid penetrant testing for increased peace of mind.

Contact ECS for Professional Fort Worth Engineering Support

Every successful construction project begins with a solid foundation built on reliable advice. ECS is the answer when you want that guidance with clear and consistent communication. We give each project individualized attention and the benefit of a team-based approach leveraging combined knowledge. Our professionals offer detailed, data-driven insights and recommendations that help support your project’s viability and long-lasting use. 

Find out why ECS is a leader among engineering companies in Fort Worth by contacting us or requesting a service quote today.