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ECS helps clients streamline their construction projects by acting as a single source for their engineering service needs. We pride ourselves on fast responses, transparent communication and innovative ideas. Our ability to dig deep and use a team-based approach to quickly and efficiently identify cost and time savings sets us apart from similar engineering companies.

ECS Engineering Service Capabilities in Nashville

At ECS, we leverage decades of combined experience with advanced industry tools to provide Nashville businesses with solutions for their engineering requirements. Our team can help you make better-informed decisions regarding geotechnical data and how it impacts construction, inspections, compliance and the environment. We proudly offer a comprehensive package of engineering services, including:

Geotechnical Engineering Services in Nashville, Tennessee

ECS offers geotechnical engineering services to overcome design challenges for complex ground conditions. Our professional team can analyze your Nashville project to help identify vital factors such as soil density, ground stability and load capacity. Our team-based approach enables us to develop a strategy that guides you each step of the way, allowing your project to move in the right direction from beginning to end.

Our geotechnical engineering solutions include the following categories:

Construction Materials Testing

At ECS, we understand that materials selection contributes to a successful construction project. Our construction materials testing (CMS) helps address your material needs proactively and evaluate material concerns before you break ground. Whether your business is building a new structure from the ground up or adding components to an existing facility, we can provide the insight you need to align your efforts with your design specs.

In addition, we can help confirm that your building materials meet the necessary codes and compliances for the Nashville area. Our CMT services cover a broad spectrum of solutions, from planning, design and construction to nondestructive evaluation, operations and maintenance.

Environmental Consulting in Nashville

Since heavy equipment and potentially hazardous materials often play significant roles in many construction projects, keeping the environment in mind throughout each building phase is crucial. Taking precautions is necessary for promoting sustainable business practices while protecting the surrounding Nashville communities. Choosing ECS for environmental consulting services gives you the peace of mind of knowing that we will analyze all the appropriate environmental factors.

We provide the environmental information you need to keep your project on schedule while avoiding costly cleanups or fines for non-compliance. The experts at ECS are highly familiar with the Nashville region and the local environmental codes and regulations.

Facilities Consulting in Nashville, Tennessee

Our Nashville office offers facility services that help you achieve sustainability, compliance and building performance goals. Our facility guidance provides the support you need to complete successful projects that align with your design specifications. Our facility consulting solutions include services across each project phase, from building code evaluations and anchor bolt testing to seismic evaluation and accessibility compliance.

Choose ECS as Your Trusted Engineering Consulting Company in Nashville

If you are looking for a reliable and experienced engineering company in Nashville or the surrounding Tennesse areas, the professionals at ECS can handle your needs. Our primary goal is to help clients find practical, logical and cost-effective solutions for their construction projects. Since 1988, we have earned a reputation for providing professional engineering consultations across a comprehensive discipline range.