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Understanding the behavior of how subsurface elements can affect the safety, stability and performance of a building is critical for each new construction project. Because some types of soil and rock interact with foundations, retaining walls and other structural components differently, engineering services enable builders and engineers to determine the most appropriate design parameters for a project. In addition, geotechnical evaluations allow engineers to manage the potential effects of natural hazards, such as sinkholes, landslides and soil liquefication.

ECS has been a leader in the engineering industry for decades, providing accurate and reliable services to help businesses in Charleston and the surrounding South Carolina regions succeed throughout each phase of their construction projects. We invest the time to understand each project clearly and offer a team-based approach to tailor a solution based on your company’s needs.

Engineering Services We Provide in Charleston

At ECS, we combine years of industry expertise with advanced tools and technology to offer reliable engineering services in and around Charleston, South Carolina. Our knowledgeable team can perform testing, conduct assessments and prepare reports for each phase of your construction project, helping you identify how various factors can impact the building process.

We offer an extensive range of services, including:

Geotechnical Engineering Services in Charleston, South Carolina

Our geotechnical engineering services focus on the behavior of natural elements and how they interact with building materials. These services are necessary for helping engineers and designers choose the most effective materials and prime locations for construction sites in Charleston. Geotechnical engineering also analyzes environmental factors that help prevent structures from cracking, settling or collapsing over time.

We offer a comprehensive range of geotechnical services to support each phase of your project, from foundation design and seismic analysis to forensic engineering and failure analysis.

Building Materials Testing

Our team understands that choosing the best-suited construction material can significantly affect your project’s outcome. ECS construction materials testing (CMT) evaluates your material requirements before you begin the initial phases of your project and tests material performance across each process. Whether your company is adding to an existing facility or building a new structure from the ground up, we can provide the analysis you need to make informed material decisions. 

Examples of the materials testing services we offer include:

  • Plan and cost reviews
  • Concrete batch plan inspections
  • Submittal reviews
  • Full-depth reclamation design
  • Floor flatness testing
  • Crack monitoring
  • Ultrasound testing

Environmental Consulting Services in Charleston, South Carolina

In the construction world, sustainability is more significant now than ever. Protecting the ecosystem across each construction phase and reducing environmental impact is crucial. Our environmental consulting services can help you develop a more eco-friendly construction strategy while helping you comply with local regulations in Charleston and the nearby communities.

Besides offering consulting as part of your due diligence plan, we can also conduct testing to monitor the effects of your project after completion. Additional environmental services include remedial investigations, soil and groundwater assessments, hazardous waste reporting and stormwater pollution prevention plans.

Facilities Consulting in Charleston

Depending on your specific needs, our facilities consulting services can begin with your project’s design phases and extend through operations and maintenance. These services can provide solutions for new or existing buildings, helping your business promote sustainability and achieve compliance while meeting your building performance goals. We offer a range of engineering and consulting facility services for each project phase, including facility and property condition assessments, accessibility compliance, anchor bolt testing and structural forensic investigations.

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