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Tackling construction projects in Asheville is efficient and practical when you work with Engineering Consulting Services (ECS). We specialize in providing construction materials, geotechnical, environmental and facilities consulting services to professionals throughout the region. Our history dates back to 1988, giving our team decades of experience working with companies from various sectors, including the residential, financial, retail and healthcare industries. 

If you need a tried-and-true engineering consultant, ECS is ready to assist in your daily operations. Our team provides a full supply of consulting services in Asheville to propel all your projects toward success. 

Our Engineering Service Capabilities

ECS is the go-to engineering consulting service provider in Asheville. We have the experience and resources to address your projects from start to finish, offering the ongoing support your project needs to succeed. 

Construction Materials Testing

The materials you use matter. At ECS, we have an extensive knowledge base regarding how building materials can impact the outcome of your project. We offer an exhaustive collection of construction materials testing (CMT) solutions in Asheville to help project managers identify the best-suited resources for their needs. We provide timely services such as earthwork, destructive and non-destructive concrete testing, roofing evaluation and more. We understand how valuable your time is and strive to deliver field and laboratory reports within 24 to 36 hours to keep your projects moving forward. 

Our CMT services cover new builds and additions to existing facilities, spanning the entire project lifecycle: 

  • Planning 
  • Design 
  • Construction 
  • Operations and Maintenance 


A sustainable design is just as crucial as a structurally sound design. Construction projects often utilize hazardous materials and heavy machinery, which can pose a risk to surrounding environments. ECS understands the intricacies of these projects and offers environmental services to address local construction and ecological codes. We will evaluate your site and strategies to devise well-thought-out solutions to protect the environment and give you the confidence you deserve. 

Some of the environmental consulting services we provide in Asheville include: 


Your project site’s soil conditions can significantly change how your project will move forward. Our technicians leverage advanced technology to supply cutting-edge geotechnical consulting services in Asheville that give you insight into characteristics like slope stability and load capacity. They leverage basic principles from geology and physics to supply accurate information you can trust to fuel your decision-making tasks. Our expertise stretches across countless geotechnical areas, such as: 


ECS offers facilities consulting services throughout Asheville to exceed building performance expectations, adhere to compliance regulations and promote your site’s use-life. We will provide consistent and clear communication throughout the entire process — from early design decisions to maintenance procedures — to ensure your facility receives the attention it requires for a successful project outcome.  

Trust ECS in Asheville for Expert Engineering Consulting

ECS is the expert engineering company you can count on in Asheville. We provide a wide range of services to local construction companies, becoming their dedicated partner to streamline project workflows. We have earned our reputation as an industry leader and have served a wide variety of industries since our inception.

If you are ready to learn more about our nationally recognized services, our professionals are ready to help. We are committed to the value we provide and can guide your team through the entire project duration. Contact our team online to speak with a representative or request a quote to get started today.