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When you need construction materials testing or environmental, facilities or geotechnical engineering services, ECS stands ready to serve. We are a leader in the industry, helping those with construction projects plan and execute them. We use our extensive experience and commitment to provide innovative and focused problem-solving for your engineering needs.

At ECS, we strive to create strong connections with our clients, driven by our dedication to collaboration, focus and leadership. Our engineering consulting services in Ohio cover virtually everything you need to lead a successful project.

Our Engineering Service Capabilities

The ECS team offers our expertise to those seeking additional support and assistance in crafting and implementing favorable practices for construction projects in Columbus, Ohio. Our professionals have many years of experience in engineering consulting and will perform due diligence to ensure you have all the information you need to execute a successful project.


Building structures always involves some level of ecological disruption. Minimize your construction project’s impact on its surroundings throughout the building process with environmental consulting services from ECS. We will work with you and your team to identify all necessary environmental protection protocols and develop a resolution for following them. Our team conducts detailed assessments of the land to discover important qualities of the area and reveal any issues that require a solution before you can start building.

Our detailed environmental evaluations help you plan your next steps for the project while giving you more insight into the conditions affecting it. We will also ensure your project remains compliant with local, state and federal environmental regulations.


Both new and existing facilities must maintain compliance and follow specific laws to be open for business. Before constructing new buildings, you should confirm the plans involve strong foundational components. Our professionals offer guidance on creating solid foundations and following excellent structural engineering practices so you can build a well-made, high-efficiency facility. 

ECS provides facilities consulting services to help you ensure your completed construction projects are functional and efficient across multiple levels, from the operational logistics to occupant comfort concerns.


Construction projects begin with the foundation, and knowing and understanding the soil and concrete composition is critical for ensuring this key component is suitable for building. Our geotechnical engineers have extensive experience in providing geotechnical solutions for Columbus’ varying ground conditions, both simple and complex. They perform assessments, surveys and analyses on the soil and groundwater to provide insight into the nature of the underlying soil.

Our services also include designing pavement, retaining walls, and earth retention and ground improvement plans, as well as assisting with construction. We use our capabilities to keep construction teams informed as to what they are working with and provide solutions to any geotechnical issues they encounter.

Construction Materials Testing

The materials your construction team uses for new building construction must meet specific codes and be in good condition for the building to be compliant with regulations. We conduct construction materials testing to confirm the quality of the products and give the team confidence in the products they will be using. Our tests examine materials like concrete, steel, glass, magnetic particles and soil, yielding crucial insight into their usability.

Engaging in materials testing prepares your construction team to do their best work.

ECS in Columbus Is Your Reliable Hub for Engineering Consulting

ECS can benefit your construction project in Columbus, Ohio, by providing industry knowledge and insight through our consulting services. Our professionals offer you their extensive experience, proven expertise and innovative services to help you complete your project successfully. Learn more about our engineering consulting services when you contact us today.