ECS Midwest, LLC
Chicago, IL

1575 Barclay Boulevard, Buffalo Grove, IL 60089, USA

ECS is a trusted consulting partner and leader among engineering companies in Chicago. We offer a team-based approach designed to provide practical solutions to complex engineering challenges. Our professionals bring in-depth knowledge that keeps projects on schedule and within budget. We also emphasize timely, detailed communication and a focus on exceptional service.

Committing to those values has helped spur us from humble roots in 1988 to a growing full-service consulting firm. Today, we boast a highly diverse team staffing over 80 offices and comprising 2,500 employee-owners. Each project we undertake benefits from our collective team knowledge and the innovation diverse perspectives bring.

Our Engineering Service Capabilities

We are prepared to help with a wide range of services covering the building phase, from concept to post-construction operations and maintenance. 

Our expertise spans numerous engineering disciplines, including geotechnical, construction material testing, facilities services and environmental consulting. That skill variety makes us an end-to-end solution for guidance at every step and supports more informed decision-making.

The ECS team in Chicago offers project support for:

  • Geotechnical engineering: The quality and characteristics of the soil beneath your structure have a substantial effect on project results. It is vital to factor subsurface knowledge into each build to create a solid foundation. With our geotechnical engineering services, you get greater insight into any complex risks and their potential impact on your design and construction.
  • Construction materials testing (CMT): CMT is crucial to project success to verify a material’s quality and adequacy. We offer in-depth CMT solutions for assessing that products can meet the job’s demands before the project first begins. Our teams have the resources and skills to do special testing on all types of construction materials.
  • Environmental consulting: It is important to consider the environmental costs of a project to conform to Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations and care for the people, plants and animals in the surrounding area. ECS can help you stay compliant, protect the nearby ecology and enhance sustainability. We can also help with indoor environmental concerns, such as asbestos, lead, mold and air quality testing.
  • Facilities consulting: Our facilities consulting services encompass a project’s life span for new construction and existing structures. ECS specialists consult on each project phase, from planning to design and construction to in-service upkeep. Our guidance helps your business promote structural safety, follow regulations and benefit from long-term asset use.

ECS Is Your Go-To for Engineering Consulting in Chicago, IL

When your project needs extensive engineering experience, look no further than ECS. We leverage the latest technology and industry best practices to produce sound strategies and project successes throughout the greater Chicago area.

ECS teams collaborate with businesses across numerous industries to provide engineering support for projects of all scopes and sizes. We are passionate about learning from past projects and offering interactive training opportunities to share our knowledge. Our trophy case and industry recognition continue to grow with a dedication to advancing safety and serving the communities we live and work in. 

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