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ECS has been a leader in environmental, facilities, geotechnical and construction materials engineering since 1988. We hire industry professionals who have a deep understanding of building complexity and modern infrastructure management. Our offices are located across the US, including in Chantilly, Virginia. Learn more about our consulting services in Northern Virginia.

Our Engineering Service Capabilities

At ECS, we pride ourselves on providing consultation in a wide range of areas, including evaluations, natural resources, environmental and code compliance. While other firms may only offer a few services, we are a one-stop shop and can provide consulting services throughout the lifecycle of your project.

Geotechnical Engineering

As geotechnical engineering consultants, we combine physics and geology to provide a solid foundation for buildings, roads and other structures. Our engineers understand systems and building materials at a basic level and perform considerable field work. We will analyze your building site to identify its stability and load capacity.

Our geotechnical engineering consulting services in Chantilly include:

  • Construction
  • Design
  • Due diligence and planning
  • Operations and maintenance 

Construction Materials Testing

The quality of the materials you use in construction affects the final product and determines compliance. ECS can act as your third-party testing team in Chantilly. We aim to confirm material quality before your project begins. 

During construction materials testing, we test the structural materials you will use to build a project from the ground up or materials you may use during an addition or renovation. Examples of the tests we perform include:

  • Destructive and non-destructive concrete testing
  • Wood construction observations
  • Structural masonry
  • Shallow and deep foundations
  • Earthwork
  • Structural steel
  • Fireproofing
  • Asphalt pavement evaluation and testing
  • Roofing evaluation and testing
  • Exterior insulation and finish systems

Environmental Consulting

Before you start a construction project, you need to evaluate the natural environment and your project’s impact on the area. If necessary, you can find ways to protect the environment and minimize your impact. ECS offers documentation reviews, wetland assessments, soil testing and other environmental consulting services to our clients in Northern Virginia.

Facilities Consulting

We want to help you develop projects that are efficient and functional. Our facility consulting services can stretch across the life of your project, from planning to maintenance. We will work with you to help you reach building performance, sustainability and compliance goals.

ECS in Chantilly Is Your Go-To for Engineering Consulting

We can adapt our services to your project’s unique needs. Contact us today to see how our full-service consulting team can provide value during each phase of your project.