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ECS provides a range of consulting services to our clients in Tampa, Florida. We are a one-stop shop for your engineering consulting needs before, during and after a construction project. 

Our Engineering Service Capabilities

Our engineering service capabilities cover many areas, including code compliance, geotechnical, special inspections, environmental and building envelope. We provide coverage of various stages of a project and support clients from start to finish.

When you work with us, we keep communication open throughout the process. We want to relate to you and help you move forward with your project efficiently. That’s why we aim to dig deeper to find solutions that help you achieve cost savings. We also provide centralized project management and an account manager who is your advocate throughout the process.

Geotechnical Engineering in Tampa

Before you begin any construction project, whether building from scratch or updating an existing facility, it is important to look at what is beneath the surface. Through our geotechnical engineering consulting services, we evaluate soil conditions to protect the integrity of any adjacent structures or structures placed on top.

Our geotechnical engineers perform various tests, including:

Construction Materials Testing

Building material quality affects compliance and the alignment of your final product with the initial design specifications. ECS can act as your third-party testing team, confirming material quality before your project gets underway.

Through our construction materials testing in the Tampa area, we provide reports quickly, often within 24 to 36 hours.  

Examples of the construction materials tests we perform are:

Environmental Consulting

Our environmental consulting services help you comply with regulations and protect the surrounding ecosystem during a construction project. Our consulting services can also help reduce your project’s environmental impact. If needed, we can make recommendations and offer remediation to mitigate and remove contaminants.

There are multiple ways you can leverage our environmental consulting services in Tampa. We can provide support as part of due diligence at the beginning of a project. We can also support you through conservation efforts and offer additional services including brownfield investigations, wetland delineations and industrial hygiene services.

Facilities Consulting

Our facility consulting services extend across your project’s lifecycle, from planning through construction through operations. We provide services that help you stay compliant and reach your building performance and sustainability goals.

Our consulting services depend on the phase of your project. During planning, we can evaluate your project’s development. During the construction phase, our services provide quality assurance.

ECS in Tampa Is Your Go-To for Engineering Consulting

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