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Finding a reliable engineering company is important when you need professional opinions and realistic guidance for project completion. With real-time communication and centralized project management, you can find what you need from ECS to complete a successful project. 

ECS is a rapidly growing consulting and engineering company in the United States. Our dedication and commitment to our projects empower us to drive success for clients, allowing us to grow in the markets we serve

ECS Engineering Services and Capabilities

Construction management and consultation providers bring reliable knowledge and experience to projects. With the right company, you can find guidance throughout your project’s time span while meeting government regulations, environmental compliance, time estimates and your budget. 

Finding an Orlando engineering company with exceptional service and inclusive solutions can be easy. ECS offers various services to guide you from the start of your project to the finish. We provide real-time communication so you have a reliable team ready to help with your questions. Explore our engineering services below. 

Geotechnical Engineering in Orlando

Geotechnical engineering involves applying in-depth knowledge to real-time applications to create lasting structures that meet your needs. At ECS, our geotechnical engineering consultants apply geology and physics principles to build solid foundations for buildings, structures and roads that can generally last for years. Our consultants analyze your building site to identify factors like load capacity, ground stability and slope stability to offer guidance. 

Orlando Construction Materials Testing

Construction materials testing observes structural materials to create new projects. It involves evaluating the components and materials you want to use to construct new structures or additions to an existing facility and includes these aspects:

  • Shallow and deep foundations
  • Roofing evaluation and testing
  • Wood construction observations
  • Earthwork
  • Non-destructive and destructive concrete testing
  • Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS)
  • Sprayed-on fireproofing
  • Asphalt pavement testing and evaluation

You can find construction materials testing at ECS, which delivers rapid laboratory and field reports. Our team provides valuable information promptly to help you stay within budget and on time with project completion. You can feel confident in creating a structure that can last for decades. 

Orlando Environmental Consulting

Working with an environmental consulting company empowers you to assess the natural environment before beginning a project to identify the impact you may have on an area. This information helps you make informed decisions about environmental protection while creating structures that can benefit your business. 

At ECS, you can find an array of environmental consulting services to identify nature protection requirements. We have a team prepared to help remove contaminants, assess risks, test indoor air quality and provide mold, asbestos and lead services. With our help, you can move forward with an informed project that helps improve your business and the environment.

Facilities Consulting in Orlando

ECS provides a range of facilities engineering and facilities consulting services to help businesses develop efficient and functional projects. We offer planning services to address developmental project stages and design consulting services to identify gaps within planning processes. We also provide services for quality assurance during the construction phase and conduct parking structure assessments, Property Condition Assessments (PCAs) and more to gauge the quality of your project over time. 

ECS Is Your Go-To for Engineering Consulting

At ECS, we understand successful projects require solid foundations. Our experienced team is prepared to help you remain within budget and on schedule from the beginning of your project. We can provide detailed investigations, proposals, written reports and more, working toward a result that meets your needs and satisfies government and environmental requirements. 

Allow our knowledgeable and professional team to collaborate with you to aim for project success. Request a free quote or get in touch to discover how we can benefit your business.