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Facilities Consulting

ECS approaches property and facility management consulting services from your perspective. ECS delivers solutions to reduce your risk. We offer a full range of engineering consulting services for both existing and new buildings, working closely with each client to identify their specific needs. Our team of problem solvers understand the challenges faced in today's environment and provide real-world solutions to achieve your compliance, sustainability and performance goals. Please contact us with any questions you may have around building envelope testing and other facilities related services.  

Services Include

  • Due Diligence Services include property condition assessments, accessibility compliance assessments, bank draw reviews and pre-and post-construction surveys. In all cases, ECS helps our clients understand the condition of their property and help them mitigate risks during the construction process
  • Structural and Special Testing Services include everything from load testing, material sampling and testing, to structural assessments, forensic investigations and limited structural design. From pedestrian bridges and retaining walls to parking garages, fall protection anchors and portfolio assessments, ECS' structural engineers bring a wealth of experience to your project
  • Building Envelope Consulting and Testing Services are provided throughout the project life cycle to clearly identify and ensure that the performance meets or exceeds the team's expectations for schedule and budget, as well as occupant comfort through the analysis and verification of heat, air, moisture and acoustic controls
  • Code Compliance Services help our clients achieve code compliance in areas such as accessibility, energy conservation and specialty ventilation systems. ECS also serves to expedite building permit acceptance in many local jurisdictions