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Phase I Environmental Site Assessment

An initial stage in the environmental due diligence process, the Phase I ESA is performed to determine if current and historical site and surrounding area activities and uses have resulted in environmental impacts to the property being studied. The Phase I ESA process involves a site and area reconnaissance, regulatory file and historical documentation review and interviews with persons having knowledge of the site to determine if environmental impacts to the site have or are likely to have occurred resulting in recognized environmental conditions. The Phase I ESA does not generally involve sampling and analyses of soil, groundwater, air or building materials. These studies are normally performed as part of a property transaction including refinancing but are also performed for various other reasons such as part of a brownfields redevelopment study for grants, liability determination/protection and tax incentives.

ECS can also help you with specific Phase I ESA scopes such as Fannie Mae or Housing and Urban Development (HUD). 

Please contact us with any questions you may have regarding Phase I ESAs.