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Brownfields Redevelopment 

EPA's Brownfield initiative addresses properties whose development plans may be complicated by the presence of a hazardous substance, pollutant or contaminant. Revitalization and redevelopment of brownfields helps eliminate environment stigma and support productive use of historically impacted properties that are often in economically distressed areas. Governments may also offer tax credits, grants or other incentives in return for developing a brownfield site. 

State-lead land revitalization or voluntary cleanup programs (VCP) support the EPA Brownfields program, and offer certificates of completion that effectively immunize the property owner from future enforcement actions concerning historical site contamination. The goal of these programs is to assess, cleanup and sustainably reuse these properties. ECS guides clients through the VCP process from initial grant request writing, through site assessment and ultimately, to successful regulatory case closure.

Typical Brownfields Redevelopment Includes:

•    Grant preparation and administration
•    Voluntary Cleanup Program (VCP) enrollment and closure
•    Community involvement planning
•    Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (Phase I ESA)
•    Phase II Environmental Site Assessment (Phase II ESA)
•    Hazardous material investigation
•    Remediation system design and cleanup 

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