Employee Spotlight: Jay Naik

Reading Time: 1 minute
Jay Naik is a Construction Materials Department Manager in Chicago, IL.

Who inspires you?

My parents. Seeing them start their lives over again with two teenagers when we migrated to the US was a great example of being resilient when faced with difficult times. I have been able to take that and apply it to the things I do, whether at home or thus far in my career.

What type of tasks do you perform daily at ECS?

I put out fires all day and manage last minute requests!! Jokes aside, I think when we are in the service business we will always spend a lot of time looking for solutions for our clients; ultimately it is what we get retained for, so it comes with the territory. I also spend a decent amount of time supporting staff in the department, performing proposal/project review and looking for new opportunities.

What are your favorite summer activities?

I usually like to spend time outside, whether it is in the backyard or just being out and about, spending time with my kids and sometimes enjoying a cold beverage (or two) on the deck while grilling.

What advice would you give a new employee about jobsite safety?

We always hear the phrase, “Nothing we do is worth getting hurt” said several times throughout the day or week. I recommend new employees really think about that phrase and take it to heart. This does not mean we do not do our jobs, but that there is always a safer and better way to get our work done which allows us to go home to our loved ones in one piece.

What do you do every day to stay safe on the job?

When I do go to job sites, the first thing I do is try and get the lay of the land, see where the work activities are and be aware of my surroundings so I can navigate the site better/more safely.