ECS Employees Have GRIT: Meet Joe

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What positions have you held within ECS?

  • Intern
  • Geologist
  • Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Manager

What certifications/education did you obtain to help with your career?  WACEL certifications (Soils I, Concrete I & Concrete II), Professional Engineer license (PE) and Professional Geologist certification (PG)

What has been the largest contributor to the growth of your career within ECS? Encouragement and belief in me from management has probably been the biggest contributor. There were several points in my career where they took a chance on me, moving me into a position of increased responsibility, knowing there would be a bit of a learning curve. Certainly our Tuition Assistance program also provided me with a Master’s degree in Geotechnics that I might not have otherwise been able to pursue, and it took some belief from management that I’d make that financial investment worthwhile.

What was your biggest struggle along the way? How did you overcome it?  Making the transition from Geology to Engineering was the biggest challenge. I had to work much harder because I didn’t have the engineering background. I had to study for six months for each of those exams. I was quite envious of those I knew who passed both exams after waiting until just a few weeks beforehand to start studying.

Please tell us why you have made ECS your company of choice:  There is plenty of opportunity at ECS for anyone who works hard, and is willing to learn and adapt. We are a company that values client success, employee success, honesty and integrity.