ECS Employees Have Grit: Meet Derek

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Derek Clyburn has grit.

When did you start with ECS?

I joined ECS on June 2, 1997 as a Project Engineer in NC.


What positions have you held within ECS?

Project Engineer

Assistant Construction Materials Testing Department Manager

Construction Materials Testing Department Manager

Director of Business Development

Geotechnical Engineering Department Manager

Vice President/Assistant Branch Manager

Vice President/Branch Manager

Senior Vice President/South Region Manager, Carolinas Services

Senior Vice President/North Region Manager, Southeast Services


What certifications/education did you obtain to help with your career?

Earning my PE provided me the credentials required to be recognized as an expert in our industry. Earning my MBA provided me advanced formal training in business, strategy, marketing and finance that prepared me to better interact with our clients, the marketplace as well as be a better manager.


What has been the largest contributor to the growth of your career within ECS?

Our people, at all levels, have contributed to my career growth. Great mentors, managers, peers and staff have both encouraged me to focus on being the absolute best that I can be and provided supportive engagement.


What was your biggest struggle along the way? How did you overcome it?

There have been numerous struggles and setbacks during my nearly two decades at ECS. I overcame each setback by having the unwavering support that encouraged me to prepare better, remain vigilant and never give up.


Please tell us why you have made ECS your company of choice:

ECS remains a growing company that is committed to investing in its people and creating dynamic career opportunities that allows each employee to grow technically and professionally as the firm grows. At ECS, YOU have the opportunity to create and fulfill your own destiny!


So appreciative for Derek taking the time to share his success and encouraging each of us to follow suit.

I truly hope his story will inspire you to keep working towards your goals!