ECS’ 30th Anniversary – Employee Spotlight: Phyllis

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Q. What is your proudest moment at ECS?

A. My proudest moment at ECS was having a day named in my honor for 20 years of service at ECS.

Q. What excites you about your job?

A. I am challenged almost every day. While human resources can be very challenging, I feel that I am “the coach” for our personnel. It is exciting when I hear and see employees excited about the projects they work on and their ownership, as part of our Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) they help grow. It is exciting to see the company investing in programs to attract the best personnel in the country to grow ECS even more.

Q. What is one thing you hope never changes at ECS?

A. Employee ownership.

Q. Describe ECS in 1 word (and why)

A. Dedicated.

ECS, by its mission statement, is dedicated to providing high-quality service to our clients. At the same time we support growth of the company, which provides professional development and financial opportunities to employees. These are not just words from a mission statement. ECS has proven that it cares about the success of its employees, professionally and personally, by setting up an ESOP, an industry leading safety program and continued professional education of its employees through its TAP and certification programs. ECS’ “we succeed together” mission shows it wants our employees to be the leaders in our industry.

Q. What or who inspires you at ECS? / Who has influenced you the most at ECS?

A. “Team ECS” inspires me. As an employee in the administrative field, our corporate HR team has dedicated itself to bring us together as a team. The encouragement we receive from them is continuous and not just at an annual meeting. TEAM ECS inspires me to be an encourager to other administrators throughout the company, especially to new administrators. It has made me even more aware of my role as an encourager to our local team members. We all succeed together or fail together; but with TEAM ECS – failure is not an option.