College Programs Q&A

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Did you know that ECS offers College Programs to reinforce education through practical, hands-on work experience? Our programs allow students to learn more and help set career goals. Many of our interns become full-time employees upon graduation. In fact, many senior managers at ECS began their careers as an intern, field technician or entry-level engineer. We sat down with our College Programs Team for a Q&A to discover how ECS creates opportunities for growth.

Q:  What types of opportunities are available?

A:  There are four different paths that ECS provides for college students: Job Shadow, Internship, Co-Op, and Farm Team.

  • Job Shadow – This is typically a one day experience in which a student comes into an office and spends the day observing what it’s like to work in an engineering consulting environment
  • Internship – College students spend their break from school or work part-time during the semester to reinforce their education through real work experience. Levels 1, 2, and 3 are tailored to enhance the student’s internship based on their previous experience
  • Co-Op – College students are enrolled in a program with their university for which they earn credits for spending a semester working for ECS, thus gaining full-time work experience
  • Farm Team – Entry-level training program for recent graduates inside of ECS’ largest offices

Q:  What makes an internship at ECS unique?

A:  A unique aspect of an ECS internship is the three levels that we offer. This gives our interns the opportunity to learn and grow by adding new responsibilities as their time progresses or as they return for another summer. Another unique feature is that all interns are enrolled in ECS University, where they will earn industry standard certifications that will add significant value to their resume.

Q:  What is one of the most rewarding experiences an internship with ECS can provide?

A:  The establishment of an effective mentoring relationship is an extremely valuable experience. Each new intern is assigned a mentor who will support and encourage them to maximize their learning potential. 

Q:  What should prospective interns know about an internship experience with ECS?

A:  This experience is not just a summer job, but can be a first step into their career. The responsibilities that they will hold are real and meaningful, since they will interact with the clients, contractors, owners, and engineers who hire ECS to complete a project. These skills, abilities, and expertise will be carried over into their professional future.    

Q:  How do you describe the culture at ECS?

A:  ECS is best described as an opportunity culture. With a company growing as substantially as ECS is, there is always room for professional growth and personal development .

Q:  What characteristics do ideal ECS interns share?

A:  When searching for internship candidates, we look for self-starters who are willing to work and learn. Interns only get as much out of the internship experience as they put in.

Q:  How can a prospective intern apply for a position?

A:  All open opportunities can be found through the “College Programs” page on the ECS website. Any questions or interest in job shadows can be directed to