Celebrating Engineers Week

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This year’s Engineers Week theme is Engineers: Inspiring Wonder. While gathering information to celebrate our 30th anniversary, we were overwhelmed with our engineers’ responses.  It was a powerful reminder that people inspire people. As we share some of their responses, we invite you to think about what or who inspires you.


What or who inspires you at ECS? / Who has influenced you the most at ECS?

“The staff at ECS inspires me every day! The two fearless leaders influenced me the most: Steve Neas, PE and Steve Gosselin, PG.  Thanks for your leadership and mentoring, gentlemen.” – Nathan Nallainathan, PE, ECS Southeast, LLP

“Walid Sobh has been a great friend and was a mentor to me when we were both in the Wilmington office.  He took time out of his schedule to meet with me often and helped shape the early part of my career.” – Micah Hatch, PE, ECS Southeast, LLP

“Our field technicians inspire me. They put up with the toughest conditions and ask for little in return. The people who influence me the most are those who are open to a good technical conversation and are willing to get deep into subject matter/bounce their ideas around.” – Connor Roman, EIT, ECS Southwest, LLP

“The person who has influenced me the most at ECS is my mentor, Jose Gomez, P.E., D.GE. Jose a wealth of knowledge and is always ready to educate and share his experiences. He is someone that I can go to with geotechnical questions and he always pushes me to think. I call him “The Professor.” The person who inspires me is Terrence Horan, PE, Terry pushes me to think about “what’s next” and what is needed to get to the next level in my career.” – Lucrece Regisme, ECS Florida, LLC

The Engineering Profession as a whole is inspiring, we can build anything we can conceive. My father was a General Contractor and took me to jobsites my entire life, where I became fascinated with the industry. When I told him I wanted to build buildings like that, he said, ‘become an Engineer, they are the ones that really make it happen.’” – Rob Bridges, PE, ECS Southeast, LLP

It is difficult for me to pick someone in particular in our geotechnical group in Buffalo Grove, but if someone had a special impact in my daily work life, those would be Eric Borys and Michael Bronson, for their continuous support and encouragement during my battle to obtain the P.E. license. In addition, Brett Gitskin and Danilo Guevarra inspire me for their continued trust and help during the continuous process of learning. Thank you all! – Bernardo Martinez-Tarin, PE, ECS MidWest, LLC


What is one thing you hope never changes at ECS?

“I hope that the entrepreneurial environment at ECS never changes. The ability of our staff to actively participate in ECS’ and their own personal success, which can be very challenging at times, is also very rewarding. I believe that this is the primary reason I enjoy going to work at ECS each day.” – Sal Fiorentino, PE, ECS Mid-Atlantic, LLC