Anna has GRIT

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The internship program at ECS allows students to learn more and help set career goals. Many of our interns become full-time employees upon graduation. Anna is one of them.

About Anna

  • University:  Worcester Polytechnic Institute
  • Major:  Environmental Engineering
  • Internship Term:  Summer 2016
  • Graduation:  May 2017
  • Current Status:  Environmental Staff Project Manager

In which ECS department did you intern and what interested you in that area?

I interned with the environmental department. I was interested in environmental engineering because I was interested in environmental remediation, sustainability and climate change.

Why did you decide to pursue an internship with ECS?

I knew I wanted to work in an environmental field, but I didn’t know exactly what I was interested in. ECS gave me the opportunity to explore everything from site characterizations to remediation and wetlands delineations.

“My experience with ECS has taught me not to underestimate myself. That alone has been valuable for planning future goals.”

What surprised you the most about working as an intern at ECS?

I was surprised by the amount of responsibility you were given as an intern. As an intern, you were interacting with project developers and general contractors. You definitely had a sense of ownership with your field work activities.

What made you decide to stay with ECS as a full-time employee?

I decided to stay with ECS as a full-time employee because of the well-rounded project management experience I knew I’d be getting. At ECS you don’t start out doing only field work and report writing; you do it all from proposal creation, field work, reporting, marketing and networking. I knew at ECS I would be doing more than only technical work. I also decided to stay with ECS as a full-time employee because of the culture and atmosphere. Co-workers are always willing to lend you a hand with a difficult task if they’re available, and there is a collaborative atmosphere.

Why would you recommend ECS to prospective interns? 

Your internship experience won’t be filled with busy work. You’ll be helping with a variety of projects, and you’ll get to see the impact of those projects.

Plan your future like Anna. This Fall we will be visiting a college near you, check out the Career Fairs Calendar for more information. We look forward to meeting you!