Adam Meurer Recognized by ASTM


ECS is proud to recognize the hard work and achievements of our dedicated team members. Adam Meurer started with ECS in 2008 and is a Vice President and Principal with our Environmental Group out of our Charlottesville, VA office. On April 27th, Adam was recognized by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) for his involvement as a Focus Group Leader on the Task Group responsible for revising the new Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) standard and was presented with a Certificate of Appreciation at the latest ASTM Committee week in Seattle, Washington.

Adam has been involved with ASTM since 2011. Originally, he started as a contributing committee member during the revision of the last Phase I standard published in 2013, but when the opportunity arose for a leadership position as a Focus Group Leader, he raised his hand and assumed the responsibility. He led the 14-member group which was tasked with looking over the then current Phase 1 ESA standard addressing data gaps and providing input to potential changes in language. He led the focus group starting in 2018 until the new language was accepted by the larger subcommittee, and then maintained an active and vocal role within ASTM until completion of the revision process.

“Serving as the Focus Group Leader was pretty fulfilling,” says Adam. “Since ASTM is a consensus-based organization which requires us to get everyone to agree on language in the standards, the process of crafting new definitions, language, and processes for addressing significant data gaps in the Phase I was challenging at times, but when the standard was finally revised and completed, it is pretty cool knowing I had a direct hand in something that will be used across the industry.”

Adam was then informed in March by the ASTM E50 Honors and Awards Subcommittee, that he was going to be recognized for the work he did as a team leader at the E50 Committee Meeting in Seattle. Adam believes the recognition was quite meaningful.

“This was the first time the ASTM Subcommittee recognized Focus Group Leaders, and they did so because we were on the front lines of tackling specific issues during the revision process.  You could tell that the Task Group Leaders truly appreciated the work of the Focus Groups.  It was great to know that the work was appreciated, especially since several of the Leads had a much tougher time than others.  I had it easy relative to some others!”

We appreciate Adam’s hard work and the positive light that he has not only represented himself in, but also ECS!