5 Reasons Hogwarts Needs ECS Facilities

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Dear Hogwarts,

When I was 12, I didn’t receive my Owl in the mail. As heartbroken as I was, I’ve enjoyed my life as a muggle. In particular, my career at ECS as a Facilities Engineer has taught me muggle skills and abilities that Hogwarts might find useful. Consider this my job application.

As we all know, magic has a life span before the spells weaken or are strengthened. Some problems are best fixed the muggle-way by addressing the root of the problem with hard work and a little creativity. 

Roof Consulting and Repair Assessment – From Triwizard Tournament dragons to broom crashes, the Hogwarts roof is often damaged and is in dire need of roof consulting and assessment services. ECS can begin with an evaluation of the roof condition and provide a repair design. Then, we can offer bid assistance and quality control inspections of the repair.  Plus, if squibs and muggles perform the roof repair, ECS provides fall protection consulting.

Load Capacity Analysis and Load Testing – The Room of Requirement has become a catch all for objects hidden by generations of students. Before being cleared out by fiendfyre, it held stacks of heavy books, old furniture, and more.  The floor structure of most buildings is not designed to support storage loads of this amount. ECS structural engineers can determine the capacity of the floor. Typically this is done through material testing, Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), and engineer calculations; however, if the Hogwarts structure proves too hard to analyze, ECS can also provide an in-situ load test of the floor structure. You might even save on time and cost if the Room of Requirement provides the load testing tanks for us!

ADA Assessment – Moving stairs, dungeons, haunted bathrooms, and extensive grounds!  Hogwarts doesn’t sound easy to navigate, especially for students with disabilities or injuries from quidditch. While Hogwarts wouldn’t be governed by the ADA, we can provide an accessibility assessment to identify the most critical areas to address and readily achievable fixes.

Ground Penetrating Radar– Hogwarts has an unknown number of hidden passageways and chambers, and not everyone has a Marauder’s Map to find them. GPR can be used to search the school grounds for buried tunnels. GPR can also be used on walls to look for cavities or voids where the doors to hidden passage ways are hidden behind walls… provided the magic doesn’t mess with our muggle technology. 

Leak Investigation– Leaky windows and water in the halls may have saved a life when the Chamber of Secrets was opened, but is a serious building envelope problem.  ECS performs leak investigation to location the cause of water intruding through the building façade and the design a repair.

There are many reasons Hogwarts needs a facilities engineer and I would be honored to be that person. If that doesn’t work out, I’d always teach muggle studies.

Sincerely a Ravenclaw at heart,


PS: Don’t forget our environmental department!  They can provide wetland delineation around the lake, indoor air quality assessments for damp spaces, and more.