ECS Interns Have GRIT

As we embark on the summer season, ECS welcomes interns to the University Programs to reinforce education through practical, hands-on work experience. Our programs allow students to learn and help set career goals. Many of our interns become full-time employees upon graduation. In fact, many senior managers at ECS began their careers as an internfield technician or entry-level engineer. Here’s what Anna, Sean and Zachary had to say:


Why did you decide to pursue an internship with ECS?

“My strong interest in geotech and construction management led me to ECS, which has only opened my eyes further into the industry. During my internship, I learned firsthand in the field and office about all the different phases of construction, which prepared me to dive into a full-time employment after graduation.”  –Sean


What was the most fun experience you had?

“That’s a hard question to answer. I would have to say the entire summer because I was exposed to many different things in a short amount of time. Learning from a great group of engineers was a fun time in itself!”  -Zachary


What made you decide to stay with ECS as a full-time employee?

“I decided to stay with ECS as a full-time employee because of the well-rounded project management experience I knew I’d be getting. At ECS you don’t start out doing only field work and report writing; you do it all from proposal creation, field work, reporting, marketing and networking. I knew at ECS I would be doing more than only technical work. I also decided to stay with ECS as a full-time employee because of the culture and atmosphere. Co-workers are always willing to lend you a hand with a difficult task if they’re available, and there is a collaborative atmosphere.”  -Anna


We asked each of these interns what advice or tips they had for anyone thinking about interning with ECS?

“Come into the summer with an open mind and a good attitude. It’s always difficult to start a new job, especially when you’re inexperienced. Always be willing to learn from those around you and don’t be scared to ask questions or for help on a project. An internship is about gaining experience and to see if the company is a right fit for you. Regardless of the task at hand, give every project 100% and try to take something new away every day.”  –Zachary

“ECS is a great company to work for with many opportunities. If you have the interest in working for a different department, there is a chance for growth and development in other areas. ECS is constantly growing and expanding as a company, which will only open more doors for prospective interns down the road.”  –Sean

“Your internship experience won’t be filled with busy work. You’ll be helping with a variety of projects, and you’ll get to see the impact of those projects.”  -Anna


Plan your future now. All open opportunities can be found through the “University Programs” page on the ECS website. Any questions or interest in job shadows can be directed to