Top 10 Most Viewed Blog Posts in 2020

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While 2020 was a challenging year, there were some good things that happened too. In that spirit, we wanted to share our top blog posts from the year.  

Top 5 Blog Posts Published in 2020

  1. Field Technician to President | Tony Fiorillo began his career at ECS as a Field Technician in 1993 and was promoted to President of the ECS Group of Companies in April. Read more about his vision for the future and what inspires him.
  2. Fall Field Appreciation Week | Our field employees work hard every day in the elements to get the job done. In this post, we share a few notes of gratitude and appreciation from managers across the company
  3. ECS Employees Have GRIT – Meet Lindsey Lucas | Lindsey Lucas won an ACEC/NC Engineering Excellence Award for her work at Camp Lejeune. Read how she became interested in the sciences at a young age.
  4. Meet James. He Has GRIT | James Bowen, CWI was promoted to Corporate Level III, where he leads training, development and certification of ECS technicians performing non-destructive testing (NDT) services. Read how he discovered his passion for teaching.
  5. Concrete Design Specialists | ECS was part of HDR Engineering, Inc.’s Grand Award and Pinnacle Award winning team selected by the ACEC/VA for work done on HRSD’s Virginia Initiative Plant: Nutrient Reduction Improvements, located in Norfolk, VA. Read about our concrete mix design expert Bill Denison’s role in the project.

Top 5 Most Viewed Blog Posts in 2020

  1. Drying Soils Chemically Using Lime | When other drying methods have been exhausted and the schedule must be met, a common solution is to bring in lime.
  2. Building in Karst Environments | Karst is a term used to describe an area where limestone bedrock has eroded in an irregular manner. Read about ways to reduce the risk associated with development in karst environments.
  3. Field Technician to President | It is not every day we announce a new President, so it is no surprise this post made both lists.
  4. What is Forest Stand Delineation | While requirements and processes vary for “Forest Stand Delineations,” the general goals are consistent regardless of location. Read about what it means in Maryland.
  5. Changes to Virginia’s Asbestos Regulations | We have observed various minor interpretations and changes to asbestos regulations, as different state regulatory agencies amend or tweak local and state regulations. Read about one such change occurred in Virginia.