STEM PII: How ECS Employees Promote STEM

If you read the last blog post, then you know how important STEM is (and what it is). At ECS, our employees have been supporting STEM education for many years. From judging science fairs to running career fairs, our people know how necessary it is to get kids excited about science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. This post showcases a few ECS employees who donate their time and energy to STEM education. We are hoping that reading about their activities might inspire you to think about what you could do in your own local school districts to help promote STEM education.

Being a STEM advisor is a great way to make an impact throughout the year. ECS Charleston serves as a STEM advisor to Stratford High School in nearby Goose Creek, SC. They recently hosted a luncheon event for women in engineering that involved participation from Geotechnical Department Manager Meredith Long, PE and Project Manager Laura Hill, EIT. ECS Knoxville, TN Branch Manager Elizabeth Ross, REM is working with the Blount County Chamber’s STEM Development Board.

Science Fairs and competitions are always in need of judges. Science Fairs involve high involvement for a short period of time. ECS Roanoke, VA Branch Manager Brian Wyatt, PE, Environmental Department Manager Amy Fu, PE (ECS/E&A Jacksonville, FL), and Environmental Senior Project Manager Lee Bienkowski, PhD, PG, CEM (ECS/E&A Jacksonville, FL) all judge local school science fairs. ECS Asheville, NC Branch Manager Matthew Fogleman has volunteered with a local MATHCOUNTS competition for the past 16 years.

Career Fairs help to showcase careers that students may not have realized existed before and spark interest in a new topic. Senior Project Manager Rohan Perch and Branch Manager Joe Meiburger from the Baltimore, MD office often attend various Career Fairs.

In Florida, the annual Northeast Florida Construction Career Days hosts more than 1,500 juniors and seniors from 45 schools. ECS/E&A attended this three-day event and gave 20 minute presentations that put a fun spin on construction and engineering. For example, they hosted a Concrete Cookies Lab that taught students how to batch up their own “concrete” cookies, made from graham crackers, powdered sugar, orange juice, corn syrup and food coloring. Assistant Office Manager Joe Champion, PE, Senior Project Manager Adam Knisely, Project Manager Chris Egan, PE, Senior Project Manager Justin Scarberry, Marketing Manager Cheryl Gessling, and Business Development Manager Michael Gruber all had a hand in the event.

It isn’t hard to get involved. Reach out to a local school district or STEM organization to find out how you can help support STEM