Sean has GRIT

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The internship program at ECS allows students to learn more and help set career goals. Many of our interns become full-time employees upon graduation. Sean is one of them.

About Sean

  • University:  George Mason University
  • Major:  BS Civil Engineering
  • Internship Term:  Summer 2017
  • Graduation:  December 2017
  • Current Status:  Geotechnical Staff Project Manager

In which ECS department did you intern and what interested you in that area?

I interned with the geotechnical engineering and construction materials testing departments. Growing up, I had a strong interest in structures and how the design of structures worked which led to studying engineering. Throughout college, civil engineering was the perfect fit as I continued to learn the different aspects of how structures and developments were constructed and how everything worked.

Why did you decide to pursue an internship with ECS?

My strong interest in geotech and construction management led me to ECS, which has only opened my eyes further into the industry.  During my internship, I learned firsthand in the field and office about all the different phases of construction, which prepared me to dive into a full-time employment after graduation.

“ECS has taught me that dedication and preparation are the keys to success in the workplace and in my everyday life.”

During your internship, what did you learn about our industry?

I have learned that it is necessary to be agile and ready for change; the industry is evolving every day, so it is crucial to be organized and be prepared to reprioritize my tasks as needed.

What made you decide to stay with ECS as a full-time employee?

First, I have a great team and I enjoy working with everyone in the office. Second, I knew that ECS was a company that promoted growth as an engineer and an employee. 

Why would you recommend ECS to prospective interns? 

ECS is a great company to work for with many opportunities. If you have the interest in working for a different department, there is a chance for growth and development in other areas. ECS is constantly growing and expanding as a company, which will only open more doors for prospective interns down the road.

Plan your future like Sean. This Fall we will be visiting a college near you, check out the Career Fairs Calendar for more information. We look forward to meeting you!