012: The Power of Volunteering and Finding your Passions with Jenna Jordan

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In this episode of Coffee Talk, we’re getting to know ECS Midwest team member Jenna Jordan, Business Development Manager for our Wisconsin offices. She will discuss her personal involvement with fire safety, the power of volunteering and finding your passions, as well as tips on making lasting connections in business development.

 Some of Jenna’s key takeaways on finding your passions and bringing them in your professional work:

  • If you are finding a way to do what you love, you can find a way to get paid for it.
  • Try and find a way to bring your passions and your story into your work. This will help you build lasting connections and common ground, which is especially useful in business development
  • If you are looking for a way to become involved in an organization, look at your circle and find what calls to you or what you have a personal investment in. 
  • There are so many organizations out there, chances are you’ll be able to find one for what you are passionate about. If you can’t find one, start one.

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