014: Geophysical & Vibration Monitoring Services with Paul Pinkerton

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In this episode of Coffee Talk, we’re getting to know Geotechnical Department Manager Paul Pinkerton in our Frederick, MD office. He will share about vibration monitoring and geophysical services, the entrepreneurial spirit of the company allowing him to grow the services he’s interested in and how these services have impacted a variety of clients.

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Some of Paul’s key takeaways on vibration monitoring and geophysical services:

  • Geophysical services are nondestructive exploration methods to understand what’s going on underneath the earth where we can’t see it. Methods include Seismic Refraction, ReMi, electrical resistivity, Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) and Electromagnetics.
  • Difference between geophysical a vibration monitoring services is about intent. Geophysics trying to find a problem in a nondestructive way, while vibration monitoring is about measuring the effects of construction activities on adjacent structures.
  • Our services have helped university, science laboratories and hospitals.

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